Long Island Myths and Legends


Long Island Myths and Legends

Student: Caitlin Cummings
Mentor: Alexis Martino
Domains: Photography/English
Faculty Grader: Kenneth Sacks

Documentation of Product




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Exhibition Summary

Artist Statement

Through Long island myths and legends I wish to record oral stories and local history/folklore for future generations. My goal is to keep the stories that I grew up with from being lost in the folds of time and to share them with people who are new to Long Island. I have always been particularly captivated by local stories that have a hint of history in them and this inspired me to create this project.

In my writing and photos I not only explore the authenticity of many of these local stories, but also pair the images with modern photos of the locations of these myths. I have composed a photo essay chronicling these stories so that our local history and legends can be shared with generations to come. In this exhibition I aim to captivate viewers with my images and stories and help people learn more about the rich folklore of Long Island.

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