A Multimedia Art Installation by Cosma Atomica

Your Cunt, Your Choice

Student: Cosma Atomica Siekierski
Mentor: Carrie Clark
Domains: Media
Faculty Grader: Ned Smyth

Artist Statement: 

As a teenage girl I face and observe many of the inequalities girls face each day. The feminist movement has effected me personally and this installation is a collection of multimedia pieces that target my peers. The pieces are created on the knowledge of past waves of feminism, the current feminist movement, and personal observations. I hope that each person entering the installation is urged to explore the idea of feminism or at least impacted by the observations I have collected.

My installation contains various types of media including: photography, video, sound design, and text. All these elements come together creating what I see as a “feminist experience.” In this rather minimal space I wanted to communicate the main idea behind feminism throughout the words of past and present feminists. I wanted to show the extremes of what we see everyday by showing the radical protestors in contrast to the strippers. But then I wanted this to relate to my peers. This is where I put myself in, in both a video and two photographs. The video of me occasionally saying the word “cunt” it symbolic of how women are degraded and targets towards aggression. As the video progresses I begin to acquaint myself with the word giving it less power. Its powerful meaning is deconstructed. The two photographs are playing with the idea of power and over sexualized women in media. In these images I am in fact sexualizing myself, but it is no longer in the power of others.  I hope this project will affect you as the ideas behind feminism and teenage sexuality urged me to create this piece. I only ask of you to please enter the experience with an open mind.

Installation and Presentation Video:

Quotes Inside Installation:

“I am called a slut just because I am comfortable with my sexuality. I am called a bitch just because I stand up for myself. I am called a prude when I exercise my right to say no.” — Anonymous

“We crouch in the shadows of rapists and behind the skirts of women, whose society says we are asking for it.” — Charmira Nelson & Kai Davis (“Femininjas”)

“No women gets an orgasm from shinning the floor.” — Betty Friedan (2nd Wave Feminist)

“I am not your bitch.” — Cosma Atomica

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