“Thoughts About America While Walking the Perimeter of the Island” by Savannah McMenamin

Although this island is unique or peculiar to say the least, I can still, in a better way, compare it to America. When talking about systems and the way people live, I see better quality over here. I see the quality of not only the land but of the housing, the people, the work ethic, the food, the efforts put towards the personal and unique historical sites, and even the behavior of people’s dogs.

Everywhere you look, you can tell there is time and work put into things. The quarries, for example, that took who knows how many men to excavate. To cut, shape, and move these stones that easily must have weighed a ton each. And the training of dogs. They heel when the owner says heel, they sit when the owner says sit, and they give a paw when the owner says paw. All while making it seem like it was done with ease. Life in America, while being here, seems utterly complicated. People have great purpose and big jobs in America and that is ultimately what keeps them going. Here, though, it is the scenery, the nice weather, the need to eat, or simply the need to take your dog out for a walk that is the motivating factor. Although those tasks seem somewhat lame or boring, there is still purpose in them; a purpose that comes along with a lot less pressure.

Americans feel, and even I feel, I need to do so much, accomplish something big, make it somewhere far, when in reality, everything I need is right in front of me and I simply cannot see it. In America people WANT, want, want. Here, people understand that they HAVE, and that is a big factor of why America is run the way it is. People barely even stop to admire beautiful scenery, whether it be in the city or the suburbs. They have stopped caring about what is right in front of them and I feel are always looking to do or to have the next biggest and best thing available to them. Even though this island is beyond beautiful with views people would die for, I felt the same way in the city of London. There is a hustle and bustle, yet still I can see the presence of an appreciation for the city.

Americans say they are the best and that they have it all, yet I bet if they all stopped and looked around, they would quickly realize that is false. In America all people do is TALK about how they are the greatest, yet I see very little ACTION put towards statements like that. Americans are all talk while trying to do things in the cheapest and fastest way. I hope people all around the world learn that good things come with TIME and CARE… not just speed and efficiency.