I Am Here: The Eli Schultz Mapping Experience

I Am Here: The Eli Schultz Mapping Experience

Student: Elias Schultz
Mentor: Mark Foard
Domains: Science, English, Mathematics
Faculty Grader: Kenneth Sacks


My Senior Project is a collection of graphics and fables that explain complex concepts behind significant scientific and cultural phenomena. The subjects are: the molecular basis of climate change; two instances of evolution by natural selection; nuclear decay; the necessity for the Affordable Care Act; and resilience in terrorist networks, internet networks, the speed and size of cities, and the metabolism of animals. With the creation of my product, I experimented with different forms of displaying information in clear and aesthetically pleasing ways.

I chose to do this project because of my deep interest in the subjects that I researched, designed maps for, and wrote about. I combined my interests with a desire to discover new, efficient methods for conveying information.

Documentation of Product

Exhibition & Presentation Summary

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