A new species?

After the breakfast, we left the hotel that we stayed for three days and continued our trip. We took 2 hours’ bus ride to Archeological site of Atapuerca, one if not the most important discovery in Europe about human history. We met our tour guide inside the building first. He gave us the basic geological information about this place. Then we went to the real spot. For safety reason, we were all required to wear helmets into the places. We all looked funny.


There, scientists found the remains of different human species, such as Homo sapiens (human right now) and Homo heidelbergensis. The discovery was founded in a mountain, which scientists believe ancient human used to live here. They also defined the layers of the cave in to different layers and labeled them along the timeline. The tour guide showed us a lot of pictures of the remains. He also gave us a chance to have close observation of two skulls, which belong to Homo sapiens and Homo heidelberhensis. By comparing these two skulls, we understand the change of human faces during the evolution. What’s more, the tour guide gave us a lot of information about how to judge the age and sex of bone remains.

Will 8

One very interesting story our guide told us was about the jawbone, tip of the left pinkie figure, and humerus of what they believe to be a female around 25 years of age.  The style of the teeth make them believe that this female from an undiscovered species.  This information is not published yet because they need more pieces of her skeleton to prove their hypothesis.


After visiting the Atapuerca, we took bus and went ahead to the historical city of Spain, Burgos. We first got to our hotel to settle down and drop our luggage, after while we walked to the Plaza Mayor. In there we were able to have a one-hour trip to discover this beautiful city. Our group was divided into four teams. My group was leaded by Skelly. Our goal was to work in small groups to find shots and sketches that the group members need for their final projects. We spent some time hanging around the sidewalk of the city and saw some really beautiful scenery. The city was full of historical atmosphere, which I felt really enjoyed. After that we had two hours of free time and then we got back to the hotel to work on our academy.