Welcome to Portugal

We started our day at 6:50 this morning. This was the earliest we have woken up yet. We got on the bus at 7:00 for our six hour long bus ride from Burgos, Spain to Oporto, Portugal. We stopped an hour into the bus ride to have breakfast at a rest stop. Breakfast was really good. There were Croissants, Chocolate Croissants, Orange Slices, and Donuts. After breakfast we headed back on the road. We stopped once more during our journey at a rest stop where we all got drinks and snacks. Shortly after that we arrived in Portugal. When we arrived in Portugal, we went on a scavenger hunt in the city of Guimaraes. Some of the things we had to do were take a picture of our groups at a castle, take a picture of the Portuguese flag, and take a picture with a rooster. After the scavenger hunt we had free time to eat lunch.

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Once we all finished lunch we met in the main square and walked back to the bus. After our bus ride we quickly dropped off our luggage at the hotel and went straight to the beach, which was right down the road. The weather was beautiful for the season. Usually the weather is much colder during this time of year in Portugal. Arriving at the beach Skelly purchase ice cream for everyone, then we all split up for an hour to explore the beach and enjoy the nice weather. Finally once our time was up after an amazing time at the beach it was time to head back to the hotel to wash up and get ready for dinner. At 7:30 we headed out to the restaurant for dinner, which was right across the street and enjoyed a delicious meal. After eating we headed back to the hotel and completed our long day.




Nickolas Swanson  and Sam Zanchelli