Final Thoughts

Western Europe has been a journey through time and history. It has shown us a face of the past that many people seem to forget. Throughout this trip we uncovered the blankets of the unknown and learned about the legacies that were forged in the wake of a new era. We visited cities such as Paris, Bordeaux, Bilbao and Porto that revolutionized the world we know today. And with the ever-growing society we live in, we were given the opportunity to travel back in time to figure out the development of mankind.

As we trekked across Western Europe our understanding of evolution broadened and expanded to new horizons. We encountered cave paintings, statues and ancient artifacts that told the story of time. We entered several caves that portrayed the cave paintings of our ancestors and through these cave paintings we analyzed the ideas and beliefs from the era of pre history. We visited museums that held paintings from the great Renaissance Period and even paintings by modern day artists. These were the two ends of the spectrum that we focused on, the past and the present.

This trip has brought us back into the past but it has also taken us into the future. Looking back, the greatest part of this voyage would not only be the people, but also what these people left behind. They left behind a legacy, a story that would be told for generations to come. How can we as a whole be remembered and not be forgotten in the whirlpool of time? We were captivated by what we learned and what we saw. And with this experience we were given knowledge and with this knowledge we were able to form our own legacy.

By Audrix Arce