A step back in time

At 7:30 we left the hotel and started the trip, which was about pre-history.

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After about two hours driving, we came to the museum which is located in Les Eyzies- De- Tayac, a small town. The museum retraces the major stages of Prehistory and Protohistory throughout the Ile-de-France, the first vestiges attesting to the presence of Man, around 400, 000 years of our human history. There are two floors and access to the museum is via a staircase going back in time and the different geological strata. Under the heading “An African History”, it talks of several different themes such as, Lucy , the steps of Laetoli ( bipedalism ), first tools and the teenager of Lake Turkana. During that time period, human make their own tools. Stone tools, bone and ivory art objects, sculptures and life-sized reconstructions that permit a better understanding of the evolution of societies are all enhanced within a contemporary architecture that is well integrated into the site.

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In the afternoon, we went to the Lascaux Museum. It is a museum full of cave painting copies. This museum tries to represent the painting in a imitative cave scenario. They rebuilt all the paintings again in a manmade cave. This museum combined different kinds of cave painting that people discovered. And it explains the function of different part in the cave. There is big opening area that was used for ceremony because most of the painting are surrounding in this area. This first represented the process of discovering the museum, which was found accidentally by four people and a dog. I think this is the most interesting part because is was represented in a film and also it sets the visitor into the same condition. I was surprised the temperature in the prehistory was extremely low. In the winter, it was almost -20 °C. Even in the summer, it was only 7°C. However, in a such harsh condition, human still pursued art and tried to express the desire of their needs.

Emily Lin and Selena Hu