Au Revoir France

Today we said our goodbyes to France as we continue our journey across Western Europe. We left Bordeaux early in the morning to embark on the long bus ride into Spain. We were on the bus for a long time while traveling out of France. After crossing the France- Spain Border, we went to the city of Pamplona where we were split into groups and were given a scavenger hunt. We had to find several items on the list such as a statue of Ernest Hemingway and a statue of bulls, and had to find a Spanish flag and take a photo of them with our group included. Other things on the scavenger hunt were that we had to have a conversation with a local in Spanish using three or more phrases and to try new foods such as “Pinxos” and “Tapas”. After that it was an hour bus ride to the city were we are in right now named Bilbao. We got there around six and had academy time where everyone was being critiqued on our best photos or our best sketches. I wish our team won the scavenger hunt but Audrix, Harold, Katerina, Eric and Danny Zhao and took home the prize of Pamplona Bull stickers.