Walking in their footsteps

We woke up this morning in the wonderful Novotel Bilbao Exhibition Center for an incredible Spanish breakfast. Then, we headed off to our first stop of the day, a museum studying prehistoric technology and cave paintings. The museum contained a faithful recreation of Altamira cave. The group was split into two, ones who would first visit the cave recreation, and the others went to through other prehistoric artifacts. The cave paintings incorporated the contours of the cave into the art and had renditions of bison, reindeer, and horses that were painted using carving, charcoal, and okra. The museum showed off different bones and videos showcasing primitive tribes and tools.

Will 5

After our visit to the museum, we left for a gorgeous Spanish town called Santillana del Mar. The town contained gorgeous landscapes, delicious food, and shops for our group to enjoy. We spent some time exploring the town, shopping and getting lunch. After our travels through the town of Santillana del Mar, we hopped back onto the bus and headed to continue our expeditions through two extraordinary caves. When we arrived at Puente Viesgo, the area that contained the caves, we once again split into two groups with one group entering the Cueva del Castillo cave and the other group entering the Las Monedas cave. The caves were filled with beautiful rock formations and breathtaking cave paintings.


Departing late from our journey through the mysterious caves, we entered our bus for the last time of the day to our hotel. We first separated to our rooms to freshen up from the long day, followed up with dinner at the hotel. For dinner, we ate green eggs and peppers as an appetizer, grilled meat, and french fries as our entree, and for dessert, we had rice pudding. After our delicious dinner, we returned to our rooms to prepare for bed and went to sleep.

Joe Zanchelli and James Mulvey