Day 7: Service Continues

As Ice Cube once said, “today was a good day.” Yesterday my group and I (Pedro) started to build the concrete base for the water tank. Today we were setting up the water system in the boy’s restroom. I feel honored to know that I am helping these kids by doing these kinds of activities. I consider today to be like a rose. I chose to relate the day to a rose because everything occurred perfectly as planned and even more beautifully. I sat down with a few kids inside the library with Luis, Matheus and Dualta to talk about global warming, physics, chemistry, animal diversity in the world and movies. We had fun, we learned and at the end of the day, I had the chance to swim in a beautiful ocean, on a beautiful island, with amazing people.

In addition to all of that, it was incredibly satisfying to see the work taking a final shape, and I am really excited to present the system that we are working on to the kids. Yesterday we painted both the boys and the girls toilet. It was really satisfying to see the bathrooms completely painted and with really shiny white, red and blue colors. Today we were working on completing the rain harvesting system that leads to a water tank. At first, I (Matheus) thought that the water would never get to the tank, because it has to go up a pipe to get to the tank. However, the head engineer explained to me that the system works with momentum since the building that is harvesting the rain is higher than the water tank. I learned a lot of new skills and could use some other ones that I have for putting the pipes together. I already knew how to use a saw, and fit pipes and elbows, so that was really helpful. I gained some shoveling skills to dig the holes for the pipes.

I (Matheus) am looking forward to seeing the projects tomorrow. I am also looking forward to explaining what I did for my senior project to the chief and villagers. It was basically a water usage system that measured how much water people are using, so they can be aware if they are wasting and eventually even shut down the water if it is running really low. I think the villagers could really use this project since the village constantly runs out of water. Another thing that went through my mind was that the project could be modified for water tanks instead of single showers.

In conclusion, helping these kids is bringing us endless satisfaction and it improved our skills and knowledge about water usage. Just to see different types of realities opens our minds to new ideas and concepts. We are looking forward to seeing what an amazing service these projects will provide when finished.

-Matheus and Petero (Pedro)

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  1. So proud of you kids really making a difference. Thank you Rachel for calling me at 4am this morning. Felt so good to hear voice and talk. Keep having fun everyone.

    Illisa lerner

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