Day 13: One More Day

Our last day in Fiji. What to say about an amazing trip, with some amazing people, who  I can now call friends? During this trip we all became one single family; having lunch together, playing together and also working a lot together. Sadly, all good things must come to an end.

The last day was pretty much the same as the other ones as people weren’t worried about the trip back home. We were enjoying the sun and the amazing beach here in Fiji. The day started pretty early with the surfers leaving at 6:00AM from the hotel while the others slept. People who were snorkeling left around 9:45AM and I was going to go scuba diving not far from where the surfers were. In that morning dive I was able to see some stingrays and a blue spotted ray, which it looked amazing, and also a moray eel. The people who went snorkeling saw a green turtle coming up for some air. When we came back it was almost an hour until lunch so Pedro and I went kayaking. The water was warm and clear but the conditions were not the best. There was a lot of current and a lot of wind so we came back inside.

Lunch today was amazing. We had an option to choose between chicken, beef, tuna or vegetables to make our burger with fries. It was so good! Later in the afternoon while the rest of the group went to play touch rugby, I went diving again, but in another spot called Channel where we saw some big fish and sharks. We got in the water and saw some big snappers. Later on we spotted a leopard shark right by the wall of the reef. It was a good-sized one, but my instructor told me they grow almost double that size. When we looked back we see this eagle ray following us from behind. We also saw a giant guitar shark in the sand hiding. When we came close, it just swam away very fast. We saw some amazing fish and the corals were amazing. The colors were bright and the fish were even better. Later in the dive, near where the boat was anchored, we saw two white tipped reef sharks.

When I came back the group was returning to the hotel. While I was in the pool relaxing a little, they arrived and we played volleyball. It was really fun to play with Kai. We almost came back from 10-2. The final score was 11-8. After that everyone went to get ready for dinner, which it was amazing! There was chicken curry with rice. It was spicy and my mouth was burning.

Today was a very productive day. I think everybody enjoyed it. As our last day in this paradise, it was amazing. I personally was very happy and excited for today. I feel like the rest of the group was too. This trip went by so fast- it felt like a week, but it was one of the most amazing trips I have ever been on. Thanks to our chaperons for planning and taking care of us this whole trip. Thanks to the Ross School for giving the group and I this amazing opportunity and life lessons. See you back in the Big Apple.

Goodbye Fiji. We are going to have memories of you for a long time and thank you for making this group one big FAMILY!


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