Day 14: Headed Home?

The Field Academy trip is almost over. I believe that most of us still love it here, even when we realize the trip is ending. The trip is passing so fast.

In the morning, most people chose to go ATV riding to the local waterfall. The feedback of ATV riding was good, which made me feel very regretful about not going. Anyways, lunch was coming. As usual, we had multiple choices for lunch, which were grilled tuna and fried tofu with some vegetables. After that we had to pack up all of our stuff before 3:00pm. On the bus to the airport most of us looked very tired. The reason why we were very tired was because we did a lot of amazing things, which makes me proud of everyone on this trip.

Personally, I am reluctant to leave, because I’ve gone through a lot of incredible things, such as jumping off from high platform, hanging out with the local kids, doing community service, etc. These things will be remembered in my mind forever. Before this trip, my feelings were very contradictory. One of reasons was that there were only a few people who I knew before and the rest of the people I never communicated with. However, Field Academy was a good platform to start to let us know each other step-by-step, which made this team gradually transform to a harmonious family. Moreover, I really don’t want this trip to be over, because no one wants to lose this kind of “paradise.”

Let’s see how other people are feeling about these two amazing weeks:

“Before the trip began, I had no idea what to expect, but I had a lot of hopes that it would be awesome. Now that the trip is over, I can truly say that my hopes were correct. This trip was awesome; it was the best Field Academy I have ever been on and I am so sad that it is over.” –Rory

“Before the trip I didn’t know what to expect. I thought the trip would just be a generic Field Academy. I also of course thought it would be an awesome trip, but I had no idea how awesome. As the trip slowly went on and progressed, I realized that it was becoming the best Field Academy ever.” –Dualta

“I used to think completely different things about Fiji. I already knew that it was an amazing country, with breathtaking landscapes and environments, but nothing close to what I experienced there. After just a few days in Fiji, I was impressed on how amazing and receptive the Fijians were – always doing there best to make us feel at home. Furthermore, the landscapes and the different environments that we saw were completely different than I expected, they were much more beautiful and exuberant. I can say that Fiji change my life, and I will definitely return to this paradise.” –Joao

“For me, the trip was perfection. Everyone seemed to grow each day and impressed me immensely. I watched the students jump into activities with reluctance and end those activities with triumph. Everyone who met us along the way, were blown away by the maturity and dedication of our students. We were told that we would be stuck in Los Angeles for at least three days, upon our return, and the students took that in great stride and settled in for the long haul. Luckily, we were able to get everyone home in 24 hours. I will cherish the memories of Fiji and this group forever.” –Hailey

“The trip overall was an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. Meeting new people, learning about a new culture, making friends, and trying things that I would never think of doing before is what made this trip wonderful for me. Nothing feels the same since I have returned to New York. It is great to be home, but Fiji also felt like home.” -Alex S.

As the quotes show, each of us loved Fiji so much. On the way back to New York we met some unexpected episodes. Because of snowstorms, our scheduled Los Angeles to New York flight was canceled. However, Ms. London solved the problem for us. She booked a hotel for us, which provided a warm place to let us stay, and in the evening, got new flights to New York. In conclusion, I really want to thank Field Academy for providing an opportunity that is totally different from my original thoughts. I also want to thank all the teachers who arranged all of the marvelous activities for us, especially Ms. London. Eventually, I want to thank all the participants and everyone who had become part of our Field Academy. I will miss you all.


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