Day 9: Las Vegas

We are told that the actions of today must stay here; consequently, here is the full video of Canyon de Chelley, and more TorC gossip:

Wrong Way
by Isabelle Turits and Rose

The stereotypical assumptions applied to the personnel and areas associated with the word “incest” are the exact imagery Mr. Walker Harrison, manager of the Family Dollar, in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, wanted to evoke. The constant selfish and corrupted intentions of the descendants of the town’s five founding families, whom prevent new businesses from developing in order to ensure the success of their own, has flabbergasted the gentleman.
The town’s small population is a result of this political manipulation and competition
which divides the limited individuals into two types of residence: those who stay in the area to care for their relatives , as is the case with Mr. Harrison, and members of the founding families whose inter-breeding relationships controls the town’s economy.
According to Mr. Harrison, this lord and serf lifestyle did not always govern the town. While the dominance of the founding families was always present, it did not permeate every aspect of the community. Growing up, Mr. Harrison had no need to leave the boundaries of the town, for all daily health and entertainment needs could be satisfied by the local business. He would laugh with his friends at the skating rink on the edge of the river and occasionally check in with the local eye doctor when needed. Now, members of this town must travel 75 miles south to accommodate any specialized needs, as most of the old business, including the skating rink, have vanished, unable to compete against the founding business, with such a small customer pool. Individuals who do not have elderly family members move away as soon as possible and the few visitors quickly realize the lack of employment opportunities is no foundation for a confortable life.
When asked whether it were possible for the town to eventually dwindle away, Mr. Harrison stated it was unlikely because “they”(referring to the founding families) “keep breeding.” That is, the continuous incest among the main families and preservation of their desire to continue businesses passed down through generations, binds them to Truth or Consequences .This sense of family obligation is not reflected in their reputations, as Mr. Harrison expressed he has seen these families “shun” immediate and distant relatives for sexual orientations and physical or mental disabilities that are not acceptable by preset standards. Mr. Harrison moved out of his hometown at age eighteen and returned three years later to take care of his parents, whom had lived in Truth or Consequences since 1988. This is when the gravity of the decreasing state of his town fully development in his mind. Unfortunately, he believes that there is very little the community can do to change this fact, as 90 % of local businesses are owned by the founding families. Mr. Harrison’s father recently passed away and he stated that as soon as his mother dies, he’ll leave and never come back, declaring it is impossible to live in an environment “where you can’t grow as an individual. ”

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  1. Of course, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!! Wishing you all the best as your journey and adventures continue. More photos please!

    • A big part of our first day in Vegas was production/critique time, so the joke applies, but the polished video and TorC gossip is actually the result of that day.

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