Heading into Death Valley

This morning we are picking up our RV’s and heading into Death Valley for a couple days.  We will not have consistent Internet access, so I will leave you with another bit of Gossip from TorC to read.  Here is the winner of our TorC collaborative project entitled “Absorbing Desert Flower” by Tina Bozsik and Emily Watson.

In the dusty town of T or C, as the locals call it, there lies an oasis.

Deep within the confines of Main Street resides a place where life is eternal. As if it were a mirage the wonder and majesty drew us ever closer, and closer until we found ourselves opening the door to “Desert Flower” the local florist shop. Greeted with a refreshing “hello, may we help you, “quenched the thirst of what we were searching for, a story.

If only walls could talk, Desert Flower’s would speak of a 1940’s saloon, a beauty salon, a dentist’s office, a restaurant, and a clock repair shop, says the owner Terry. For the past thirty-two years, she has maintained her flower shop whole-heartedly; even at the beginning it was only her hobby. She now believes her shop is as necessary for her as water is in the humidity of the desert.

Her dedication and determination has earned her not only business, but also the ability to say, “ other than the Bank, we are the longest surviving business here. Everyone else just comes and goes.” No wonder she is still going strong since 1981, in a town of approximately three thousand people eight- hundred of them ordered red roses from her on Valentine’s Day.

A certain responsibility comes with the distribution of flowers in T or C, Terry thought to herself for an extended moment. At a point in time Drew Berry Moore stayed in Tor C. Terry was eager to explain that during this time she received an unexpected call requesting flowers for the movie star. But, other times are less exhilarating. Terry explained with tears in her eyes,  “One year before Valentine’s Day a little boy around ten years old came into my shop to by flowers. He had about four dollars in his pocket, which wasn’t enough for anything. He explained his mother was dying. I had to give him flowers. I made him a thirty to forty dollar bouquet, but never saw him again.” Looking off into the distance, Terry filled with emotion as she thought about the little boy in her town. She is an emphatic professional, and emotionally committed to each customer’s order.

Terry’s overall friendliness has the ability to make her flower shop into a well-visited part of town, and when asked about the three customers that came to the shop while we
spoke with Terry and her daughter, they explained that they “know everybody here.” Terry and her daughter have lived in T or C for many years, and have built strong and loyal relationships. Tom, Yoshi, and Jessica three locals wandered into Desert Flower each with their own agendas. Whether it is dropping off post, a bill, or buying flowers Terry welcomed them kindly. She had nothing but good to say of anyone who walked into her shop, or anyone in the town of T or C.

Terry only expressed negativity towards T or C when she began to talk of summer tourists. The tourists flock to their town, because of Elephant Butte Lake, the tenth largest lake in America. During the summer season she and her daughter get away to their cabins in the mountains. They both want to have their usual peace and quite easily found at home. Terry and her daughter are unique; they never felt the need to permanently leave T or C, like most young folk decide to do after high school. They explain that, “ young people want to move away, but they don’t realize they will always come back. There are just things that they cannot find anywhere else. The lake, the mountains, and their families bring them back.”

Terry and her flower shop have been steady constants in the lives of many habitants of T or C. Her role in the community is integral, raising the spirits of others with her own joy and elevating the happiness of those who already are cheerful. Like water is irreplaceable in a harsh desert climate, so is Desert Flower to the town of T or C.