My Project


Student: Gene Park
Mentor: Jon Mulhern
Domains: Visual Arts
Faculty Grader: Andrew Kirk

Documentation of Product

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Gene Park Senior Project Powerpoint

Exhibition & Presentation Summary

My senior project, Bladesmithing, was something that started out as a simple idea and eventually grew into a much more involved project than what I originally thought. Previously, I thought that creating a blade was as simple as shaping a piece of metal. However, once I started working on my final product, a Japanese katana styled sword, I realized that creating something like that is a multi-step process that implemented many different skills. Starting from the basics, I learned and utilized various metalworking skills to end up creating a single final product, a combat sword and knife set.
The reason I chose this as my project is because I wanted to learn a skill that is rapidly disappearing in the modern world. Blacksmithing also played an important part in history around the world, and can be related to almost every known civilization.

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