Kihei Canoe Club

The mission of Kihei Canoe Club is to revive, develop, perpetuate and promote the Hawaiian traditions. This will be accomplished through educational, recreational, cultural and competitive Hawaiian outrigger canoeing programs for youth and adults, in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment.

Canoe and Community Service Day

5:45 AM – I woke up and then we had breakfast.

7:30 AM – We began the canoe activity. The canoe is very cool. They had three different kinds, a double-hulled one, a single-hulled one, and one for just one person. I was in the double-hulled canoe. Afterwards we jumped into the ocean for a swim. Not me though! I got all wet because of a wave. At the end we saw a whale!!!

12 PM – Community Service time. We built a rock garden wall and I got to charge my iPhone. Afterwards we had lunch and we got to eat Hawaiian shaved ice!


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