Maui Cultural Lands – Edwin “Ekolu” Lindsey III

Edwin “Ekolu” Lindsey is on a mission to protect and restore Hawaiian cultural resources. The son of the late Ed Lindsey, the renowned conservationist who was named a “Maui treasure,” Ekolu continues his father’s legacy with a belief in the (‘olelo no’eau (proverb) “He ali’i ka ‘aina; he kauwa ke kanaka.” (The land is chief and we are its servants.) Ekolu is president of Maui Cultural Lands, an organization dedicated to the preservation of Hawaiian culture, archeological sites, native plants, and the Islands’ first people.

Click the link below for TEDxMaui Talk by Ekolu Lindsey titled “Cultivating Cultural Seeds”
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The third day of our journey we met the man we saw on the Ted Talk, Ekolu Lindsey. He led us up the mountain to do community service and we went down to the bottom of the valley. Before that, the local people from the Maui Cultural Lands group asked permission to enter with a song. The sun shined a lot that day and we all felt extremely hot. Also, there were so many bugs everywhere in the place we worked.

Our task was to pull all the weeds and I was the one who carried all the weeds out. Many people were bitten by bugs, including me. But we learned the importance of persistence and cooperation. Also, I finally learned the meaning of “Aloha” – love and compassion, good and positive feelings, also hello and goodbye. There are also many other meanings.

In the afternoon we learned about plants. They were quite useful and some of them are nearly extinct. We should protect nature. Today was a meaningful day!

Ying (Daisy)

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