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Hello, my journal friend, I’m coming back again. I come to see you everyday. Are you happy? Ok, now I’ll begin to write my fifth day journal.

Today I became a dirty girl. We went to another mountain to do almost the same work – weeding! But today we weeded in the mire! I’m not scared of being dirty, but I am scared of bugs! That was so horrible, I can’t do that in the mire so I just did that for a few minutes and came out of the mud. I helped the to throw away the weeds and roots and weeded outside the taro patch. After the weeding we all threw mud at each other and put our muddy hands on each other’s clothes. Hahaha, that’s why I was a dirty girl today. Then we went to a river to wash the mud off our bodies. We stayed there maybe twenty minutes, that was so comfortable, there was some wind and the river was not very cold. When we came back to the taro patch, Ekolu’s mother talked to us and sang a song about “Aloha”. It was great, I loved it. When I went to hug her, I just cried, I don’t know why, maybe because she looks like my grandma. I miss her so I just cried. But that was a great day, and today’s dinner we will have Chinese food! Yeee! Bye my sweet Sharon!

Xinru (Sharon)

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