Virtual Reality Experiences


It’s time for Week 2! We began the day with a design challenge in which they designed products for “extraordinary” people (including a spy, superhero, pirate, and future child). This activity introduced the students to a rapid form of design thinking and required thinking about how a potential user’s lifestyle affects the products they use.


Then, the students worked on creating virtual reality experiences inside a web browser using a framework called A-Frame. Click a student’s name below to see their VR experience. These are best viewed on a mobile phone. To get the full VR experience, you will need to use a Google Cardboard. Finally, the students spend the reminder of the day working on their project proposals.

Andrew Archambault

Alexander Deleva

Ayaka Nakasuji

Celina Ludes

Charlie Ban-Williams

Harry Kayaprager

John Hunt

Lily Richter

Maya Teixeira

Michelle Ha

Myles Zappola

Will Edwards

Woo Jin Jon