Accessing Clean Water


Student: Joe Ando Hirsh
Mentor: Elaine Parshall
Domains: Math, Science
Faculty Grader: Andrew Kirk

Photo’s of Product

IMG_2091 IMG_2342 IMG_2345 IMG_2344 IMG_2343Project Summary

I built a wind fan that powers a UV LED water purification system. The system uses basic water filtration methods to clean water of any sediment, and empties the water into a small container where UV LED’s kill any bacteria or protozoa that would be harmful to the consumer. From the moment I entered into high school, I have been investing my time into water projects ranging from the construction of a small-scale replica of Baron Haussmann’s water systems in Paris, to testing the effects that different pH levels have on the growth of plants. My experiences with water have gone on to define my high school experience. The senior project presented me with an opportunity to take my studies to the next level and try and construct something that could have an effect on places that do not have access to clean water.


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