From Fukuoka to Sakurajima

     Miguel, Israa, Cole, and Emily


Waking up in our hotel, we revisited the oyster beds, where our lunch came from the day prior. 8 meters deep in the water, were submerged ropes with scallop shells tied to them. On these baby oysters were planted to develop to full size over the corse of the next few months.


The oyster beds consist of long logs that run parallel to one another where the ropes are tied(it was fun to run around on top of them).IMG_0491

After leaving the docks, we drove to an elementary school where we met kids from grades 3 to 6. Divided into pairs we went into different classes and were able to enjoy their company as much as they probably did. We saw their work on multiple subjects, some had math and music while others did origami and played football (soccer) outside. All of the children were impressed with our height as well as our different ways of opening milk cartons. All of them were incredibly excited to see us and peered into the hallways as we entered the building. Most of the children are conscious of the environment that they live in as they eat all of their food without wasting anything. The part of the experience that was most amazing was how a group of students take shifts in preparing as well as serving the food. When it is time for lunch they all put on white aprons and hats to serve the food to one another. As we left the school all of the children crowded around the bus waving goodbye.




We all then took the train back to the Japan Railroad, taking the bullet train to Kagoshima. There me met Mami sensei’s mom and took a beautiful ferry ride to the volcano island of Sakurajima. Here we had a delicious meal, full of vegetables, fish, soup, and amazing deserts given by Mami’s mom.


And as many of us rush off to the hot springs at carefully timed points with friends, our groups continue to prepare ourselves for the coming days.