Scavenger Hunt Group Cherry Blossom

Miguel, Israa, Cole, and Emily


After getting to know some of Okayama’s tourist destinations, we were told to find the way back to the hotel while completing a series of tasks and challenges. Some of these tasks included asking random people their age and then taking a photo with them. We also had to translate characters in order to find certain objects in a convenience store. However the most challenging part of the scavenger hunt was to communicate with younger children so that they could understand our accent.


Some of the people that we encountered were very curious as to what we were doing. One even came and found us later on and wanted to learn an English phrase after she had thought us one in Japanese. However, while walking in Kimonos around Kurashiki one of the people we took a photo with requested that we delete it. It took us a while to understand what she was asking, but eventually we figured it out and deleted the picture as she requested. Another person we encountered was embarrassed and refused to reveal her age. We understood and thanked her anyway. For the most part everyone we talked to was excited. As a group we all enjoyed the scavenger hunt more than we had anticipated and managed to find everything before any one else (we are still expecting our prize)


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  1. Your scavenger hunt sounds like a fun way to learn more about the Japanese people and their culture. It is fun to read about your adventures and look at your pictures.

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