An Okayama Adventure

Team Bushido

Chris Xu, Jessica Krenz, Andy Long and Mael Oujaddou



On the third day of our amazing field academy, our team was left to its instinct and Japanese skills to direct and collect, photograph and communicate with it’s surrounding in the city of Okayama. Every group was given a list of objects to buy and multiple sentences to say to complete strangers. Those sentences regarded mostly the permission of taking a picture with the said stranger. As the groups dispersed, we had 2 hours to complete all 15 tasks and return to the hotel.

Finding the objects was simple task. However, asking complete strangers from all ages to take a picture with us was quite an adventure. As westerners our small group equipped with our cameras were running around Okayama asking people if we were able to take a picture with them. The results of that question were priceless especially with elderly people. We also had to imitate a Japanese commercial and take a picture of it, Jessica being a flawless model decided to do this part of the scavenger hunt. Another tricky part of our adventure was to greet people and get a positive greeting back, Japanese being extremely polite would always reply. However, Japanese uses a lot of body language so the people would either bow our wave their hands incapacitating us to get the point.

After 2 long hours of struggle and Japanese language butchering team Bushido was able to complete 14 tasks, which was a great victory for our tired souls. Afterwards every team went for dinner, our team decided to try the deliciousness of Udong noodles and was more than satisfied were their meal.

Another day has set on the great country of Japan, keeping us craving for more!