March 7 & 8—Osaka~Kyoto

Team Japan was rained on AGAIN but that did not stop us!

After a train ride from Hiroshima to Osaka, we walked to the hostel and took off in small groups to a dinner and shopping in Umeda area.

The next day, we went up to the top of Umeda Sky building—-we saw Osaka from 173m above the ground. The elevator and escalator ride was incredible and we finally realized how BIG Osaka really is when we stood on the rooftop and look around.


Nishiki market

In the afternoon, we moved on to Kyoto and visited GInkaku-ji (Silver pavilion) and Nishiki-market. We will be enjoying our stays in a nice hot spring inn in Kyoto for the next 3 nights.IMG_1221




Liam to wish for more responsibility


Sky building



Oh, and of course in between activities and means, we continued to study more about the Japanese sweets and snacks. So much to learn!!!! 😉  IMG_1213 IMG_1154 IMG_1161 IMG_1188 IMG_1149

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  1. I really love looking and reading about your adventures! So happy everyone is having a great time!

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