Mar. 9th 2015, Chengxi (Frank) Fan

2nd Scavenger Hunt!!!!

2nd Kimono Day!!!

In our plan chart, it is said that we are going to wear the kimono and go around Kyoto today! I didn’t really enjoy it last time. Today we spent the whole day walking around the street.

After we wore the kimono, we went to Kiyomizu-dera temple first. Kiyomizu-dera temple is a Buddhist temple in eastern Kyoto. It was established in 798 C.E. Most of us did draw there to predict if we will be lucky or not in the future. Some of them got the worst one so they did it many times. Also, some of them did draw about the love, the future and so on. I took many photos and had fun there!

Then Scavenger Hunt!!

Our group has Jin, Roman, Bill and me. We went to Currency Exchange to start our tasks. Why? Because Bill wanted to change some money and we wanted to let the man who did exchange for him take photo of us. First, we asked the man to take a photo. Then we found that there were some people with kimonos. We asked two old women to took photos with us. Two tasks, done!!!2D50D31C7C9086857AD984D01AA6E787



Then we went to Starbucks to have some drinks! Thirs task, done!!

We found an advertisement and we reacted it!!! It was so funny!!!

Finally we bought something for our parents. I bought something to eat for my parents. I also bought a box of playing cards!!! It was because I liked to seek different kinds of playing cards. For example, some of playing cards had the introduction of famous places and historical people on them. So I can not only play with my friends but also get much knowledge from them!

We took a cab to go back to the hotel!!!