Scavenger Hunt – Kyoto Kimono Day

Japan Field Trip

Mon. Mar 9 Local time


Together with Jenny, Andy and Serena

Today we had a great day in Kyoto streets with plenty of markets and food to eat. Our second Scavenger Hunt’s targets were 1) Asking someone else with Kimono and take a photo with them 2) Advertisement replica 3) Souvenirs for our parents 4) Five different flavor but same type of food 5) Ask some one else to take a group picture of us four. We first went to a small Ramen restaurant and had a delicious meal. Then we asked the waitress to help us take a group picture. After that we walked around the streets trying to find some advertisement. We also took a picture of five different flavor food in a Local Food Shop. Fortunately we saw two women with Kimono too and took a picture with them. IMG_1074

Continue walking we mimicked an advertisement about the Disney movie “Frozen”. We also stopped by a cake restaurant and had some desserts. Eventually we headed our way back to the hotel. We were so tired but had so much fun.

Chris (with Jenny, Andy and Serena)