March 7th

Today was an amazing and exhausting day. We started off with visiting Hiroshima castle. It was a very special experience because we accidentally walked into a shrine in a middle of a wedding. At least now I know how beautiful and classy Japanese weddings are. The castles are all similar here. We have visited at least three castles and each one we visit has similar displays. It really shows how united japan is as a country. After we walked around the museum for around a hour we walked back throughout the park to the hotel. We spent a little to much time in the castle and wound up missing our train. This gave us time to pick up some yummy bento boxes at lunch before we departed on a long bullet train ride to osaka.
The bullet train ride gave us a opportunity to work on our journals and SLEEP! I think our group actually looks forward to the bullet train rides now since we do so much a day. The rest of the day went quickly by the time we got to Shin – Osaka we were all tired and ready to just get to the hotel. Only it didn’t quite happen like that. Haft go the group didn’t make the train do to the confusion and they had to navigate there way to Osaka. Luckily, we all have gotten pretty good with the subway system and we were able to find our way to osaka.
When we finally arrived at the station we walked to this little capsule hotel called Drop inn Osaka. the place was really cool. It kinda reminded me of a cross between Japan and Brooklyn. Basically instead of rooms we had Capsules in a communal room. they were comfortable but a little small. Overall, It was defiantly a day to remember in Japan.

Wasabi Frappachino’s (Roman, Lindsay and Jin)