march 9th

Our days in japan are number yet our spirits are still hight. This lead to one of the most memorable kimono days in Japan despite the disgusting and tiring weather. The morning was rough since I woke up at 7:51 and barely made it to the lobby in time to head out. We jumped right into the day and immediately got taxi’s to head to the kimono shop. The taxi drivers are generally nice here but there is always a language barrier. Some of the Taxi’s arrived later then others to the kimono shop in beautiful and historic Shijyo, Kyoto When we entered the kimono shop, somehow I managed not to hit the ceiling. I really think that inJapan I developed a reflex of bending down when entering buildings.
Nevertheless, we got our kimonos on and went to a wooden house in a middle of nowhere (aka waiting area) and waited there for girls to do their hair thing. Afterwards, we walked into the a beautiful red temple , taking selfies literally every 2 meters. we lit green incense on fire for good luck. We got our fortunes and we set off to get lunch. We stopped by a small restaurant to eat some snacks. Everything there smelt and tasted like green tea (except for green tea itself. It tasted like seaweed).
It seems to take us a while to get places since we walk and stop by every food place we pass. It took us a total of two ice cream shops to eventually get to a main road. We then split into taxi groups and were directed to head to the market. Somehow some of the directions didn’t stick because haft of the groups didn’t arrive at the market. It took us over a hour to track everyone down and find them. Once we were reunited we split into lunch groups and Mami surprised us with a afternoon of free time.