Caio’s Reflection

The Japan Field Academy trip combined an amazing country, the guidance of teachers who love that country, and an overall great group of people to enjoy the whole experience.

Visiting castles and shrines I got a glimpse of traditional Japanese society and came to better understand the political role played by the famous Samurai. I could learn about different Japanese enterprises from the origin of the century-old Toyota, to a creation of oysters and a small production of salt.

Walking around I experienced the Japanese people’s strong sense of respect as well as their amiability towards foreigners and, from our interviews, learned how much they value their family and friends.

The trip in itself was an amazing experience in which I made many friends, from Ross as well as from Japan; learned much about Japanese history, culture and geography; and developed good habits (e.g. not producing as much waste).

Thank you Kerrie, Levi and Mami for this great experience.