Feb 27 2015, Okayama

After having a breakfast at the hotel we were living, we took the train to Okayama. We started the day by having a meeting in the lobby of the Granvia hotel, talking about the schedule and the game we were going to play—we were divided into six groups and each group were given a sheet of paper with missions written on it, including buy items from the convenience store, ask local Japanese people for photos, etc.
We first went to the Okayama castle by taking the cable car, and then did a sightseeing in the castle after Jin gave us a brief introduction about the history of it. Since the castle we were visiting is built mostly with black bricks, it is said that there is a white castle nearby that was built alone with the Okayama castle. From my standpoint, the castle we visited today is pretty similar from the one we visited in Nagoya, since some traditional Japanese items are shown in both of the castles, and there are some similarities between the appearances of both one. However, it was also really nice to see a gorgeous architecture like the Okayama castle.
After the trip to the Okayama castle, we visited a garden that set next to this. Frankly speaking, never had once had I seen a garden that is as breathtaking as this one—there were pavilions built on the golden grasses and small bridges over the flowing streams. The garden virtually offers tourists a chance to touch the nature and relax their mind from heavy works.
In the afternoon, we broke into six groups that were divided by Mami earlier, and had the competition that was introduced. The group that got back to the hotel first and had the highest point will win the competition. We, though are not sure whether will win the prize, had a great fun during the process.
We end our day by celebrating India’s birthday. It was really a tired but joyful day, and hope we can enjoy the rest of our journey.