Frank Fan’s Reflection

This M-term, I went to Japan. This was my first time and when I got my Japan visa, I was very excited. It was a wonderful trip and a fantastic experience in my life.

I learn the sustainability in Japan. In Japan, Mami, Levi, Kerrie always mentioned this word. When we needed to use the plastic things, they always stopped us and let us carry things without plastic things as many as possible. When I went to a museum about the environment, I saw some data about the plastic things that people used in daily lives. I never thought about it and I felt terrible when I saw the data. After that time, I know how to save.

I learn the respect in Japan. When people walked on the street, sometimes we could hear some bad words. The disrespect is a major problem in everywhere. But when we stayed in Japan, everyone was very friendly and very respectful. If people were respectful to us, we must be respectful to them. In order to avoid the embarrassment, Mami taught us “Thank you” and “Excuse me” in Japanese. I know the kindness of people in Japan.

I learn the greatness of the technology. In many museums, I could see the robots and nice cars. The people in Japan have abilities to make nice cars for their own citizens and I saw many videos about the quality of security of Japanese cars. In some shopping malls, I was very surprised that I saw that the robots could play the violin and the piano could work automatically and play the songs by itself. I know the advancement of Japan.

This trip is very significant for me.It lets me see and learn many things that I haven’t really known before. Thank you, Ms. Mami Takeda, Ms. Kerrie Tinsley and Mr. Levi Stribling for giving me this opportunity to have an excellent trip. Thank you for giving me a chance to learn more things.