India’s Reflection

I had a beyond amazing experience in Japan. I learned so much about Japanese values and traditions. The country was so exotic compared to what I’m normally used to and I loved that about it so much. Everyday was a new experience and I was never bored. I became close friends with people I thought I would’ve never talked to.

On this trip, I learned a lot about sustainability and how Japanese culture is really based on that. There are hardly any trash cans anywhere so you must carry your trash with you until you find one. This shows that the Japanese are very cautious about pollution because the streets are always spotless considering there are no trash cans! Also, they were careful with deciding if anything they bought was necessary to have a bag or not. Which also goes for Starbucks, a lot of people would bring reusable cups instead of using regular Starbucks cups.

Along with culture, Japanese people are very traditional people. About every single restaurant only serves traditional Japanese food. They also wear kimonos for any special occasions, which we tried out. I admire the Japanese for wearing kimonos so often because I can tell you that they are not the most comfortable outfits. Especially when wearing them all day.

Overall, I had an amazing time in Japan and I hopeĀ I get more opportunities similar to this one to get the chance to explore new places.

Thank you to Mami, Mrs. Tinsley, Mr. Stribling, and all the students who also went on this trip for making this experience unforgettable.