Personal Reflection


Three phrases I will never forget in my life. I think Mami repeated these words 100 times thought-out the Japan trip and it wasn’t till half way through the trip that I actually understood the true meaning of these words and applied them during the trip and after the trip. In the US people only look for what is best for them and that’s how I learned how to act after being in the US for six months. But during the trip to Japan we were taught to not only think about ourselves but the people around us in terms of how we act, the volume that we talk in, not disturbing or being in the way of others. And these traits I carried on with me to back to the US.

Another thing I learned during this trip is respecting time. Back home in Bahrain and at Ross we don’t use public transportation that often and during the Japan trip we had to take a lot of public transportation like buses and trains, so we had to be aware of time so we don’t miss the scheduled train or bus to get to places on time.

And finally I learned a lot about Japans environment and traditions. Japan is a very clean country and it does not have trashcans. Yet they are still clean. In America you would literally see a piece of trash thrown half a meter away from the trashcans.

Honestly this trip was perfect and the group was ever perfect-er I know that’s not a real word but yeah. I never thought that one day I could make close day-student fbut guess what I became close friends with most of the day students. And I also met a lot of boarders that I didn’t really have a chance to communicate with at Ross. If I were asked to repeat this trip I wouldn’t even think about it, its definite a yes.


Thank you Mami, Levi and Miss Tinsley for a great M-term.

Thank you For the Japan team for the unforgettable memories <3!



Israa Dhaif