Scavenger hunt in kimonos. We found everything except the rest of the group.

By Cole, Lindsay, Paul, and Gonzalo                                                                                                                                 Today was a excellent way to wrap up our trip. It was our final kimono day, which makes us happy as well as sad because they are so beautiful but very uncomfortable to wear. Waking up knowing that we had to spend a day in such a confining item was nerve racking, yet exciting because wearing one is a rare experience. Our spirits were decimated when we stepped outside into pouring rain and chilly temperatures. We were convinced our kimono day would be canceled midway through the cab ride. Yet upon arrival we were greeted with friendly smiles and plenty of kimonos to try on.                       We walked around in our kimonos in the rain for hours. We started at the shop in beautiful and historic Shijyo, Kyoto. The streets were bustling with tourists and locals all visiting the temple. Walking around the temple was interesting. You can tell there is a lot of superstition associated with the temple. People where buying fortunes and burning green incense. It took us over two hours to get through the temple but we stopped for a lot of snacks and shopping so it was understandable. After the temple we got into cabs and headed to the market for lunch. Due to the language barrier and poor directions, some of the groups didn’t make it to the meeting point. It took us over an hour to find them. This lead to a incredible change in plans that gave us six hours of free time to eat, shop and do another scavenger hunt!