Lindsay Lerner: Reflection

Japan was an incredible experience and a great way for me to wrap up my last year of high school. Looking back I could not pick one single favorite moment of the trip. Each moment was different and even the bad ones added to an incredible experience. One of my favorite days was the day we went to Hiroshima and visited the A-bomb Peace Museum. The museum was unlike any museum I ever visited. It was very truthful in what happened there and displayed the tattered clothing, fingernails and belongings of some of the victims. However the museum wasn’t filled with spite and anger but rather a reminder why peace needs to exist between nations.

A lot of the trip was spent in castles, shrines and temples. At first, I felt like once you saw one you’ve seen them all. Looking back I realize how wrong I was. Sure some of it was a bit repetitive but each one taught us a little more about Japanese heritage. Like the   The A-Bomb museum the castles were a constant reminder of Japan’s triumphs and failures. They offered a unique view into a countries history.

Another one of my favorite days was in Kyoto. It was raining, cold and we were in Kimonos. It was the perfect combination for a terrible day but it turned out to be amazing one. We got to walk around a market ant taste incredible food, shop and really inject ourselves in everyday Japanese lives. To me, Japan was not just a school trip. It was something life changing and I am honored to have been able to spend 16 days with a incredible group of people in Japan.