By The End, Reflection

After coming back to our daily lives, going to school, being able to understand what people say on the street, living according to western cultures, and eating “normal” food, I now realize how amazing was our two week experience on Japan. Having a time off from classes and homework feels nice, but witness in a country with complete different values on the other side of the world is indescribable. It was one of my best high school experiences, and I will take the knowledge I got from it for the rest of my life.

It was more than just doing our project on finding sustainable environment traits around our tour, there I was able to see in first hand how people act in everyday lives as well as tasting their delicious food everyday, sometimes even too much. Different from any kind of people I saw before, the Japanese are polite and respectful, for someone who came from Brazil, where people are more agitated, the difference is clear. My final project couldn’t reflect my entire experience, what I felt can’t be summarized on a video that talks about sustainability, so we made it wider, showed what walking around felt like.

I noticed how clean the streets are, even though there are barely any trash cans around, or how when you finally find trash can they are for recycling only. Never before I have seen people respect their public areas so much.

From riding the bullet train to watching sumo wrestling on TV, I was able to feel a bit of how Japanese life works, and I can’t thank my fellow students, and mostly the teachers: Mami, Levi and Kerrie, enough. This was an amazing trip and it wouldn’t have been the same without any of them.

Miguel L. Monori

The Day of Misadventures

Miguel, Israa, Jessy, India, and Seamus

Dear Diary,


Today was another Kimono day, this time while visiting the Kiyomizu temple. Miguel, India and Roman got lost but we found them later taking pictures. We ate at a little restaurant by the side of a temple, where we got our fortunes read by Mami.


Remember this was all during a small rain storm and we were wearing a kimono.


After those events took place my group and another group got dropped off at the wrong Louis Vuitton taxi stop. As the other group grew frightened during our misadventure, we walked back and forth until spotting the correct Louis Vuitton. When reunited the trip leaders introduced us to another scavenger hunt (this all happened while Seamus’ Kimono was falling apart). We quickly ran across to the sports shop while completing the scavenger hunt (he eventually bought a pair of pants). Our group then moved into lunch where we went to moss burger and we all ate lots and lots of food and drank lots and lots of melon soda with the exception of Pepsi.


When we left we had an adventure in the market and got honey ice cream. After a while of wondering around looking at shops that we don’t fully understand and laughing of t-shirts, our group split into two groups between a taxi and a bus and “raced” back to the hotel. With a few more members we went to diner and soon the hot spring adventures began.