Jiahui Guo Senior Project 2014

A Mathematical Model for Predicting the Conditions Required for Successful Non-Violent Democratic Revolutions

Based on my research on authoritarian regimes and diverse forms of non-violent democratic revolutions, I wrote a system of differential equations that showed quantitatively the critical need for sudden positive fluctuations in protesting population.  I did so by learning how to use the language of MatLab, a type of software that allowed me to create codes to illustrate various stages of the model under different conditions.

Mentor: Gary Skellington
Domains: Mathematics, Computer Science, Cultural History
Faculty Grader: Therese Lichtenstein

Math Modeling paper PDF


      Cancan’s Story

Novella in the form of a semi autobiographical and semi fictional piece in the attempt to convey ideas about different aspects of Modern Chinese society.

Mentor: Alexandra Cromwell
Domains: Creative Writing, Cultural History
Faculty Grader: Therese Lichtenstein

Cancan’s Story


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