Joy In Nature: All Natural Cosmetic Making

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Face Oil

Face Oil


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Sun Repair Mask and Papaya Seed Face Scrub  

Joy In Nature 

Student: Kendall Coleman
Mentor: Lisa Gillespie
Domains:  Science, World Languages, Wellness
Faculty Grader:Therese Lichtenstein

For my senior project I created my own natural cosmetics.  Over the summer I traveled to the smallest of the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai, to meet a women named Stephanie who is an expert on natural healing.  She took me around the island and helped me find and gather the best ingredients nature has to offer.  We formulated three products: a papaya seed facial exfoliate, a sun repair facial mask and anti aging facial oil.  All the products were made with all natural ingredients and preservatives. I chose to make natural cosmetics for my senior project because I believe that eliminating harmful chemicals from the body is the key to living a healthy life. After I made my products I created a pamphlet with an ingredient index and a description of each product that I made.

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