Monthly Archives: February 2013

Composed in a Dark Room

A Poem by Rachel Santee, Class of ’13

The sky was dark at nine in the morning
The sun had turned off its light
The sun had slipped behind the moon
In a permanent eclipse
In the middle of June
The sky was dark at ten in the morning.

The sky stayed dark through late morning
The sun was undoubtedly gone
The sun was gone past noon
No matter how hard we begged
It wasn’t coming back soon
The sky never changed in the morning

The sky was black in mourning
The sun had passed on
The sun sung its goodbye tune
And ascended to other heavenly bodies
We cried at how inopportune; because
The sky was black in mourning

How did we call back the light?
Did we turn the planet to rewind the time?
We wept, as did the mourning sky
For we never saw
Such a beautiful sight
Than the light of morning