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Assorted Works from Kenneth Kilfara

Poetry, graphite sketches, and paintings by Kenneth Kilfara, integrated media teacher


I have sold
All that I hold
For a pretense of gold
Believing in lies once told
Inward I begin to fold
Swinging, dead and cold

Self-Portraits and Containers

Pottery by Ned Smyth’s sculpture class


A series of drawings by Joe Lin, Class of ’14


A series of charcoal drawings by Zac Wan, Class of ’14

Long Walk

A series of poems by Rachel Santee, Class of ’13

Long Walk

Heart thump
Heart thump
Heart ba dum dum thump

You can stretch your legs
Much farther here
Out of city stone
And away from the crowds

Careful of the mud
But look—
At the scene
Sprawling before you

A scene that the entire world
Has deemed sacred
To the entirety of humanity
Do you see it?

Well I believe anything could happen here
Whether a downpour
Or a simple minute in the heat
I’ll believe in anything

For your heavy boots
Will take you across
Endless fields,
Young man

Heart thump
Heart thump
Heart ba dum dum thump
Do you see it?

Long Walk II

Poetry is very difficult
When you’re normal and happy
Distracted and happy
Distracted by a loss of emotions

But then you’re drawn to people you’ve
Never given a penny
And you pray
In a church without a priest

And you listen to
Heart thump
Heart thump
Heart ba dum dum thump

Step by step you reach that labyrinth
In your head
While your boots
Keep moving on a path
As far as you wish to go Continue reading