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Ethiopia M-Term

A series of photographs by Lily Baron, Class of ’14

The One-and-a-Half Year-Old Silent Girl

A monologue by Amili Targownik, Class of ’15

When I was three years old my sister was
I fell in love with her immediately.

Now I would no longer be the little one
I would be a big sister.
The best big sister
I was so proud of this

When I was four years old my sister
turned one: first she began to crawl and
then she began to walk.
And I began to hate her.

I didn’t understand.
And no one would explain it to me
I kept waiting for the answer
I don’t know how long I waited
But the answer never came
And I don’t know how I knew it wasn’t
going to

But I just knew
And so I started my revenge

I stopped talking
For one and a half years I was a silent girl

Saying this now, it seems so silly…

But up until my sister started to crawl
I believed that all babies were born like
That each baby got its own wheelchair
And would use it everyday until they
turned 18…
When we would all be given a license to

My plans for being the best big sister
were destroyed. She would never need
me to show her how to use her own little
chair. She would never need to know the
special tricks I had for getting around
with just one hand.
She would never need any of it.
She had it already

One and a half years is a very long time to
not talk at all…
So when I said that I was a silent girl for
one and a half years
This isn’t exactly the truth Continue reading

Did You Know?

An excerpt from Looking for Two Seeds of Happiness, a picture book in verse by Susan Walker, 10th grade English teacher

Miniature wings seem to disappear
When whirling about to flowers so near.

It darts at the fuchsia its beak makes a seal.
Drinking sweet nectar, this hummer is real.

Can you imagine a tiny bird made of metal?
It travels and seeks people, not petals.

When someone is trapped in a hole down below
This hummer can fit and film so others will know.

This tiny machine is a hero of sorts.
It hunts in a cave to send out reports.

It works hard to discover as it floats in the air.
Hovering and swirling to those unaware.

Protecting us in silence and love
Perhaps at this moment it is high above.

Our Shadow/It All

Sculpture and mosaics by Ned Smyth, Visual Arts teacher\

Sketchbook Excerpts

A series of watercolor paintings by Elizabeth Burdge, Class of ’17