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Ink paintings by Barbara Lima, Class of ’16


Bomarzo and Balance of Light

Installations by Ned Smyth, visual arts teacher

Hello Africa, Tell Me How You’re Doin’

A short story and photograph by Maria Popova, Class of ’14

Traveling, moving, discovering – each bring enormous changes in one’s life. They bring immediacy, make us feel alive, show us how vast and boundless the world is. They Prove that our exclusiveness is nothing but an elusion.

Of course, every single one of us was looking forward to that trip. Having all the necessary equipment (and fair to say some stuff that is not necessary at all), we were waiting for the moment to test our flashlights in the darkness of the African night. However, before wading in these thrilling experiences awaiting us, we have to deal with the documents, customhouse, pilots and baggage.

Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Well, for me it does. For some reason I always enjoy airports and observe people there with an genuine curiosity. After years of traveling I realized that airports witnessed many more scenes of happy greetings and pangs of saying goodbye than any other place in the world. I love it. That is the reason I don’t feel uncomfortable in the world of shabby chairs, low ceilings, salesclerks with vacant looks and great number of souvenirs that usually are godsends for the people who bethought of their numerous kinfolks at the eleventh hour. Continue reading

The Ocean

A short story by Alex LaPierre, Class of ’16

There once was a moment, a tiny moment, when I believed I wasn’t myself anymore. That I was something different, something new. Something less sad and not angry. Something relaxed and calm. There once was a moment when I thought I was outside of my human self. Like my body was still physically there, but my personality, my mind, were somewhere drifting off. Somewhere nice and warm. Somewhere where my past won’t catch up to me. Or the ghosts and skeletons won’t jump out one day and say, “Boo!” from around a corner, or in a closet, or anywhere!

This moment came and then this moment went. This moment, this feeling, it came when I was looking out at the serene ocean waves. I loved how the waves would pour down onto the sand and then fade away into the sand, like they wanted to go back to their home. I loved how the wetness of the sand felt in between my toes, the softness, the warmness. Whenever I would go to the ocean I felt free. Free from everything around me. Free from me. Free from life itself. I went to the ocean everyday at the same time. It was around 6:00pm that I went. And every time I went I saw the same seagull, sitting in the same spot, in the same position. When I walked by to go closer to the water it would watch my every move, and follow me with its eyes.

Continue reading

Seagull and Lei and Diltz

Photographs by Susan Walker, English teacher