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A short story by Alex LaPierre, Class of ’16


She sits and waits outside of the door where she has sat and waited so many times before. She is spacing out and thinking of the past when the door opens.

“Hello Regina,” he smiles, ”Please come in.”

She stands up, grabs her purse, smiles at him and passes him roughly. In the room, she sits on the couch and says, “Hello, Phil,” as she’s looking around the office she has memorized by heart.

“How are you?” he asks, in a calm, sincere way sitting down behind his desk.

I’m doing okay for the circumstances. Can we just skip the nice part and tell me why I am here?”

“That’s good, I’m glad. I’m doing okay too. Thanks for asking Reg.”

“Phil, I just want to talk about why I am here, fix the problem, and then go home. And don’t call me Reg, we are not in high school anymore.”

“Okay, fine. Regina, I called you here today because your daughter, Rosie, has been acting strange the past few weeks.”

“What do you mean “strange?” putting up her fingers to quote the word.

“I mean, I mean, strange. You know, different than she usually acts.” He looked up from his desk and then down again. He felt weird. It actually was weird. It was only about twenty years ago that they had both been in this very room together, sitting on that same exact couch. Continue reading


An ink and wash figurative composition by Lynn Lin, Class of ’15 

The Morning After

A Self-Portrait by Lena Mari, Class of ’14

A Drawing by Eddie Chan, Class of ’15