“Once upon a time, a girl…” by Arlet Rivas

Once upon a time a 5 year old girl with brown hair, bright eyes and a mischievous smile. There was once a girl who, like many, dreamed of being a princess, like those in long dresses, hairstyles that are only seen in magazines and precious jewels. A girl that when you looked at her, reflected the innocence and happiness that a human being could have, a girl who loved the world and people in it, a girl who would do anything to make you laugh, a girl with wings bigger than the universe, that one day they could’ve been able to fly. There was once a girl with a beautiful and sincere laugh, neither evil nor pain could reach her for how fast she could run, a girl who like a few … was happy.
There was once a 6 year old girl who dropped her princess crown to be able to take the queen’s, when she was not at home. There was once a girl who learned the word “alcohol” for the first time and that was the reason why the queen did not return to the castle for hours or maybe days. There was once a 7-year-old girl who stopped dreaming so she could be up late at night next to the phone in case the queen called out saying that she would come back that night. There was once an 8-year-old girl who first experienced suffering when she saw that the prince was crying when the queen did not return. Once there was a girl who stopped trying to make the prince laugh when she noticed that every time she tried to make him laugh, he made her cry. There was once a 9-year-old girl who first learned the word “drugs” and that was the reason why the prince sometimes became aggressive with her.
There was once a girl who stopped making mischief when she noticed that she should no longer cause trouble to the king, seeing that his eyes were not as bright as before.There was once a 10 year old girl who found the queen in bed with her eyes closed and her wrists bleeding.There was once a girl who learned what is the word “suicide”.There was once an 11 year old girl who hoped that one day the queen and the prince would recover.There was once a girl who smiled again because the queen was better.There was once a 12 year old girl who cried, who cried like never before, a girl who had broken her hope, a girl who learned what it is to have to learn to wake up every day without knowing if the queen would drink again, or if she would not return to the house for a few days, if the king would enter her door saying that the queen would never return, or if the prince would lose his head completely by hurting people.
There was once a 13-year-old girl who dealt with being afraid of the prince and to stay away from the queen so that she no longer made her suffer. There was once a 14-year-old girl who began to ignore life with loud music, she began to write when the people she loved most turned off her voice, a girl who focused on getting good grades to make the king happy because had been sickened by so many worries. There was once a 15 year old girl who decided to leave her home to start over, to find happiness again. There was once a 16-year-old girl who knew what scissors felt through the skin of her wrists for the first time, hoping that those cuts hurt more than the wounds in her heart. There was once a girl who decided to stop waiting for someone to save her.
There was once a 17-year-old girl who decided to make her broken wings, verses and poems. There was once a girl who decided to learn to live with her wounds, she decided to learn to appreciate those moments that caused her happiness, to notice the good things in life, to forget, to breathe, to forgive…  Once upon a time there was a girl who had never wanted to be a princess.