“The Universal Citizen in Love” by Ryze Xu

In the long existence of us universal citizens, well, in about ten billion years, we forgot how to communicate. Until after a long interstellar journey, I found the existence of humans on a small, blue planet. I found myself in love with a human girl, but I was not able to say anything to her.

I stood on Mars alone, silently. I watched her time passing.

A minute passing, a second passing, how slow.

A month passing, a year passing, how fast.

In his passing, the Curator of Peculiar Library in Ami X Galaxy managed to collect my billion-year melancholy. With a tremendous sense of satisfaction, he did not forget to introduce me to his librarian job before he left. He said, come and be a librarian, learn some human language, it is highly possible that you can learn how to express what you are thinking.

I asked, could I build a branch of the library on Mars? Ami Galaxy is too far for me to see her.

The curator agreed. Okay, Okay, let me bring all the books from humanity to you.

Wallalla, to the Earth he went. He blew a sudden hurricane, which sent all the books up, up and away. I worked alone on Mars. Using the volcano stone, I built a library. I read the books silently. I watched the girl and I studied the emotions of the humans. I discovered that they are surprisingly curious about the sky. They built up their view of the universe based on twelve magical constellations.

Should I talk about constellations? After all, as a citizen in-universe, all I know is the hollow, boundless void.

Hi, I said, it’s nice to meet you. Let’s talk, about the constellations. I heard that yours is Scorpio. Do you know anything about the revolution track of Scorpio RI21H—P92H?