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Road with a Clock in the Shoes

A poem by Justin Liu, Class of ’15

black blood tastes iron,
under the skin covered definition.
before I go to sleep,
don’t trust anyone.
when I walk on my feet,
who am I to pray beyond the sun?

hair grows tree that strong as grass,
strike me seasons of thunders to avoid fragile paths.
with decision that can’t bring back the dead,
with number notes that can’t relive the past.
in which shoes you choose to run?
in these socks that can touch the ground.

carry an umbrella with holes,
if an broken glass bulb still glows.
don’t let faith disappears your soul,
a grain of sand won’t slip your hope.
second ticks without the bleeding of sweat,
don’t lose your shoes till it worns with cracks.

Touch the Words

A painting by Eddie Chan, Class of ’15

Paintings by Chris Engel

Paintings by Chris Engel, Director of Programs 


A poem by Maria Popova, part of a Class of ’14 Senior Project

A balmy garden in its bloom,

Which scent was meant to soothe and cure,

Becalmed under secret gloom,

Fertile, sumptuous and pure,

The ocean blue – the origin of life

It gave us birth and set us free,

To love, to dance, to share, to Be on

Earth, where virtues were rife

But yet, so fragile in its gist,

Just as a lacy snowflake on a palm

The harmony was fanned within the mist,

And the world never again seemed to be calm.

Profusion gave birth to vices.

As every man desired to possess

All earthly goods at the cost of any prices,

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