Asian Food

~ Shanshan Y.

During the first week of Field Academy, we cooked Asian food with Chef Shigeko’s help, including Spring Rolls, Mochi – Tang Yuan, Potstickers, and Teochew Beef Balls.

Tang Yuan prep2

We were assigned into four groups. My group made Potstickers. Potstickers are just fried jiaozi and they are from Northern China. We began with working on the stuffing for the potstickers. It contains chopped cabbage, pork, green onions, and diced water chestnuts. After that, we wrapped the stuffing with the wrapper of jiaozi we bought and then sealed it with some water on the edge for sticking the edges together. When this step had been done, we began to fry the wrapped jiaozi. We dumped enough oil to make the whole pan bottom fill with oil and then put all the jiaozi on the pan when oil got hot enough. We waited until the dumplings were all cooked without moving them at all. In this way, we could make the bottom of the dumplings form a nice golden layer, which tasted crispy. The potstickers tasted very delicious. The water chestnut inside it gave a nice texture.

The way we cooked Tang Tang Yuan prepYuan was very interesting. The Tang Yuan’s filling is the traditional and most common one—sesame paste. We rolled the filling into a ball first. Then, we took some of the dough we made with rice flour and a small amount of water and then wrapped the ball inside. Now, it could be cooked. We cooked in two ways, boiling and deep-fried. I have never tasted the deep-fried Tang Yuan before and it tasted pretty interesting. The outer layer is very crispy, but this cooking way still kept it tasting great.

Tang Yuan

I did not take part in the process of making spring rolls, but it came out looking and tasting very delicious. You can see it below:

Spring Rolls

Teochew Beef Balls were cooked on a different day, but it still came out tasting pretty good.

Beef Ball prep