Middle Eastern Food

~ Ziyan (Angel) W. and Chongyu (Alex) Z.

MeltingPot MiddleEastern_Hanrahan - 26 MeltingPot MiddleEastern_Hanrahan - 20Friday, we made Middle Eastern Food with Chef Julie. Middle Eastern foods have a different flavor than other type of cuisine. Not too many sugars, not too many salts, but delicious. We made Baba Ganoush with Pita, Dolmas, Kefta Kabobs with yogurt dip, Basboosa cake and Cantaloupe beverage.

MeltingPot MiddleEastern_Hanrahan - 27The Baba Ganoush with Pita, which is made with mashed eggplants, chopped flat-leaf parsley, minced garlic, brine-cured black olives, a little cumin, some tahini, some fresh lemon juice, a little olive oil and a little salt. Baba Ganoush with Pita tastes delicious; it has many interesting flavors. The Dolma was made with boiled grape leaves and filled with a rice mixture. It’s a cold dish.



Kefta kabobs were made with beef and lamb and grilled. Yogurt dip was made with real yogurt and chopped cucumber.

MeltingPot MiddleEastern_Hanrahan - 14Basboosa cake was easy to make, but it amazed us. The flavor of rose water comes up after a few minutes when we eat it! The Cantaloupe beverage was made of grated ripe cantaloupe with fresh lemon juice, a little sugar and water. In the future, I would choose a Mexican restaurant again. I enjoyed making Mexican food, but it is hard to find the ingredients. However, I would love to cook Mexican food again.