Things of a Changing Nature


Student: Madeleine Hykes
Mentor: Carrie Clark
 Domains: English, Cultural History
 Faculty Grader: Carleton Schade
Comprised of both personal and scientific essays, “Things of a 
Changing Nature” explores the dynamics between people and their 
surrounding and what it means to connect with nature. Through small 
personal anecdotes and longer essays focusing on the food industry 
and sustainability, this series tries to look at some of the 
connections that make up our evolving world.
Things of a Changing Nature (Complete pdf)
Exhibition Space/ Internship 
Cover of essay collection

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Where I interned this past July

Where I interned this past July

For more information about my internship at the Presidio Nursery and
who they are/what they do: The Presidio Nursery
SP Presentation
Works Consulted: Things of a Changing Nature Bibliography (Complete PDF)

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